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Newcastle, Australia. Last night saw an unprecedented win in the case to freely vaccinate Seafarers in Australia. The Mission to Seafarers called for, facilitated, and delivered vaccines to the Peruvian crew of the Wincanton, who are looking forward to finally returning home.

The Wincanton crew have been repeatedly sailing the same run from Newcastle to Gladstone and return throughout Covid-19. They have not once left Australian waters.

With the required permissions in place from Port of Newcastle and NSW Health, the Mission to Seafarers ventured out into the weather with a medically-trained board member to administer the vaccines. Without being vaccinated, the crew would not have been permitted to enter Peru.

During the past 18 months, the Mission to Seafarers Newcastle has seen an increase in compassion towards Seafarers and the desperate situations they face. With port regulations in place to manage the risk of Covid-19, the Mission has had to come up with innovative ways of continuing to provide Seafarers with care.

Despite presenting many challenges, regulations have also opened the way for increasing industry partnership and collaboration, with port workers taking a greater role in the provision of welfare for Seafarers visiting Newcastle’s wharves.

The Mission to Seafarers wishes to extend their thanks to all those behind the scenes who worked diligently and at short notice to bring this important event to fruition.

The Mission to Seafarers continues to call on state and federal governments and agencies to recognise and act on the clear fact that it is both in our national interest and in the interest of our national conscience to roll out vaccines to the Seafarers who continue to faithfully supply our island nation.


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