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Ships don’t bring us 95% of everything we have. Seafarers do.

Seafarers continually sustain every Australian with the goods we need and enjoy. As a worldwide charity, the Mission to Seafarers stands alongside these 1.6 million men and women in 260 ports around the world.

@MTSNewcastle is one of 27 Australian centres giving those isolated at sea a chance to:

  • connect with their loved ones and children, often for the first time;
  • mentally and spiritually recharge for the next leg of their voyage; and
  • access medical, welfare, and chaplaincy services.

We actively respond with loving care to the many challenges and dangers faced by seafarers. We work closely with Australian Government agencies and Newcastle port users to improve the treatment of seafarers and shipping practices in Australian waters.

Shipping is human-powered. Let’s give back.